Monday, October 29, 2012


It was a very lazy afternoon at work.  Monday to boot.  Despite good intentions to remove myself from the chair, to get up and do something - ANYTHING - I remained planted.  No motivation whatsoever.  After checking email yet again, and finding that no new messages had appeared in the last 30 seconds, I considered walking to the break room to buy a fraction-of-a-handful of gum from the 25¢ machine.  After much deliberation, the desire for sugar overruled my ass's submission to gravity.  So, I opened my wallet to retrieve a quarter, and stumbled upon THE highlight of my day. There it was, in shiny white wrapping, sporting colors and exuding the promise of deliciousness... a cherry blow pop!  It was a glorious, tasty surprise!  After fervently removing the wrapper, I shoved the thing in my mouth, enjoying instant fulfillment. Licking it just wouldn't do.  I bit right in, basking in the sweet crunching of solidified sugary confection between my teeth.  I took another bite, and then another.  Four bites later, I was pulling the gum from the stick, chewing away with glee!  The lollipop was effectively gone, but it served as a segway to productivity for the rest of the afternoon.

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